Our drivetrain system is made for demanding applications and optimised for weight-savings to allow for high-payload operation. It is purpose-built with automotive industry components for high reliability and economies of scale. Designed for the toughest weather conditions, our powertrain system is engineered to work in high ambient temperatures as well as the coldest of Canadian winters.


12 years

Meeting the expected vehicle life.

Top Speed

100 km/h

Electronically governed.


up to 200 km

Minimum range at full load in winter.


The NEC 50 uses a permanent magnet synchronous motor with direct drive allowing us to completely remove the vehicle’s transmission and increase the overall drivetrain efficiency. By using proven-technology and an innovative vehicular architecture, our vehicles combine the best of both the automotive and heavy-duty truck segments.

150 kW

150 kW / 1,500 Nm permanent magnet motor.

6 kW AC Charger

Scalable, J1772 & SAE Combo.


Scalable, provides 12/24VDC power.

Nec Drivetrain from Nordresa


Developed for the automotive industry, adapted to meet the requirements of medium and heavy-duty applications. Our battery pack offers are designed to last up to 12 years in most applications. The battery features an advanced state of the art battery management system (BMS) and thermal management to meet temperature from -40°C to 45°C (-40°F to 113°F).

700 VDC

Automotive-grade battery from leading OEM suppliers.

Fast charge

J1772 and SAE Combo compatible.

up to 200 km

Unique thermal management for operation in all conditions.

Nec Battery from Nordresa

High-End Digital Cluster

The NEC comes with a fully digital 7” touch-screen cluster, allowing the driver to focus on the road and not the dashboard. The cluster integrates advanced functions such as GPS, 360 degree view cameras and advanced vehicle diagnostics.

Nordresa Dashboard 2

GPS tracking

Features an advanced turn by turn navigation system which can enhance the vehicle mission with live updates on parcel pick-up and drop-off.

Nordresa Dashboard 1

Numerical dashboard

A digital touch screen display allowing the most effective communication and quick access to critical driving and system information.